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Aceora Maintenance Services


Besides providing on-demand software development services within a business model designed to be effective, professional, open and reliable, Aceora provides maintenance for:

  • Our software
  • Third-party software

A common perception of maintenance is that it is merely fixing bugs. However, studies and surveys over the years have indicated that the majority, over 80%, of the maintenance effort is used for non-corrective actions (Pigoski, Thomas M.. Description for Software Evolution and Maintenance (version 0.5). SWEBOK Knowledge Area.). This perception is perpetuated by users submitting problem reports that in reality are functionality enhancements to the system.

For our solutions

We believe that excellence is the standard, we follow through on commitments, we keep the customer in the know and we avoid surprises. To better understand the great significance of maintenance and its implications on the cost and the quality of the systems in use, we classified the maintenance into three components:

  • Corrective
  • Adaptive
  • Perfective

Dividing the maintenance effort into categories has first made evident that software maintenance is more than correcting errors. Corrective maintenance includes all the changes made to remove actual faults in the software. Adaptive maintenance encompasses the changes needed as a consequence of some mutation in the environment in which the system must operate, for instance, altering a system to make it running on a new hardware platform, operating system, DBMS, TP monitor, or network. Finally, perfective maintenance refers to changes that originate from user requests; examples include inserting, deleting, extending, and modifying functions, rewriting documentation, improving performances, or improving ease of use.

For third-party solutions

Third-party application maintenance (acronym TMA) refers to outsourcing the maintenance of applications, i.e. entrust all or part of the maintenance of applications to a third-party computer service provide for consideration by defining the levels of availability, deadlines, and quality. Application maintenance consists in ensure proper operating conditions of software, which includes, in particular, the correction of bugs, adaptation for a new environment or new cases of use or even the assurance of scaling of the application. Development maintenance, in turn, which is not covered by TMA consists in adding new functionalities to an application. Outsourcing application maintenance offers numerous benefits to the company:

  • Cost control
  • Guaranteed service quality
  • Access to specialized competencies
  • Ensuring knowledge continuity on the project

For each maintenance Acerora project, commits to service quality indicators defined in the contract together with the customer at the beginning of the project. In order to guarantee the best service quality and allow you to focus on your business, Aceora has set up a rigorous organization and a series of best practices:

  • Reliability of existing resources
  • Action traceability on the application
  • Technical and functional documentation
  • Functional test and validation file
  • Version management
  • Maintenance of functional and technical competencies
  • Reintegration procedure at the end of the mission (reversibility)

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