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Cloud Services

Aceora Cloud Services: Approach and Goals

Software as a Service: Redefining the way you manage your internal and external business tools, giving flexibility and freedom to your solutions

Platform as a Service: Reduce hardware load maintenance issues by moving to the cloud. Aceora provides competent services to help you make the best decisions for your business needs

Infrastructure as a Service: Upgrade, customize and view instant health analysis, at the touch of a button. Aceora will enable easy handling of your IT infrastructure through agile and secure solutions

System and Cloud Integration: Set up seamless communication between your existing software installations and third-party cloud systems, while ensuring security of your data

Key Features

Protect Your Privacy: Digital Vault is a useful data encryption software that will protect your personal and confidential data

Preventing Information Leak: Prevent your documents from getting deleted; protect your company projects, source codes, trade secrets from competitors; prevent viruses, hackers, malicious programs from accessing your important files; prevent illegal and fraudulent distribution of your data; prevent uncontrolled copying of your data to USB data

Communicate Securely: Our software also provides tools to encrypt files for secure e-mail, allowing them to be sent as email attachments securely over the Internet

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