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Business Process Automation

The Fundamentals of Business Process Automation

What is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) is a strategy to manage information flow within an organization and improve business processes, lower costs and reduce risk(s). Benefits of automating your business systems:

  • evaluates the needs of your business to be more efficient, faster and generate greater profits
  • extends functionality by leveraging user interaction for improving the process analisys
The cloud solutions give the customer immediate access to the newest version of Atestion software and lowering costs to maintain and operate the platform.

Basic Principles of BPA

Business value over technical strategy: Our BPA solutions are designed to adapt to your business, integrate with your systems, and add value to your existing processes rather than promote different processes, tools or technologies

Strategic goals over project-specific benefits: Whatever your business goals might be our business process automation can improve the speed and accuracy of your company's operations

Intrinsic operability over custom integration: Intrinsic operability is the ability of our software programs to 'talk' to each other and share data intrinsically without the need for integration effort

Shared services over specific-purpose implementations: Shared services can significantly reduce your operational cost and use our best practice processes without requiring changes to the system

Flexibility over optimization: We provide business flexibility when changes are necessary and fail to reach performance and transparency


BPA software enables companies to create, deploy and monitor automated business processes. BPA software offers substantial benefits to today’s enterprises, so much so that BPA is increasingly viewed as a core technology for companies looking to gain or keep a competitive edge. The right BPA software can deliver key business process benefits, including:

  • Understanding: Migrating your processes onto a BPA platform can serve as the impetus to a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current operations
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: By intelligently automating manual processes or sub-processes that are time consuming and prone to error, and by providing a fast, powerful source of decision - making support for process personnel, BPA software increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations
  • Consistency: When consistency across customer interactions or other types of processes is important, BPA software can deliver that consistency
  • Agility: The right BPA software will empower you to quickly update your processes in response to new developments in your operational environment. Over time, BPA software provides a dynamic foundation for business performance and continuous business process improvement programs

Next Steps

  • Analyze, define and optimize your business processes
  • Decide which of your business processes should be addressed by automation
  • Integrate existing applications on a BPA platform thus providing greater access and interchangeable functionality between business components

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