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Web pages and templatesUp to 15 web pages with template based on look and feel of promotional materials and models provided by customer.
Word-of-mouth buttons setupAdd to favorites, refer by email, save, printer friendly, and submit to social networking sites.
Search engine optimizationOptimize your ranking in search engines. Traffic blazer Submission to 20 search engines and internet directories
Live Google mapsPrepopulated links to Google maps & directions to your location.
Google Analytics & Google WebmasterCollect visitor statistics via Google.
Hosting1 year hosting and optional no-hassle domain name reservation included.
Content management system setupAbility to edit/create/remove all content on public-facing pages by administrator, including text and pictures. Copy and paste into a website.
Product/services inventoryEasy management of product images, thumbnails, specials, text, browsing, editor/CMS.
Product search and filterProduct/services catalog search box by keyword, price, parameters, date, and more.
Paypal integrationForm & button for online bill payments and donations by credit card or Paypal, into secure Paypal account.
Shopping cartSelect/unselect items to purchase; checkout and confirmation.
Security certificatePurchase & installation of a certificate for encrypted transactions over the Internet.
Web redesignUpdate the design of your website
Domain recoveryWe can recover a domain name on behalf of the rightful owner
Graphical design New website look and feel created by Aceora.
Invoice payment
BackupYour site content, files and databases, hosted with Aceora.com is back-upped daily. If you accidentally delete some content of your site, we can restore it with backups from usually 3 days back.

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